Moms Are Their Child’s First Teacher

Hello again! As you can see I haven’t written a blog post in a while and so much in my life has changed. I’ve spent the past year as an Instructional Coach for the Peel District School Board and loved every moment of it. I worked with an incredibly motivated and talented cluster of schools and administrators to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics, ultimately resulting in increasingly numerate students. During this time our work was guided by our board’s Numeracy Strategy, Engage Math, which focuses on comprehensive mathematics instruction from Kindergarten to Grade 12. When working with teachers and administrators we were truly co-learning. Co-learning is so powerful because we don’t need to have all the answers but rather figure them out together. After all it’s the learning journey that has the potential to create deeper understandings of how to best support our students.

So where am I going with all this?!? I mentioned that my life has changed and while I was supporting schools I was also pregnant. My beautiful baby boy has arrived. He’s three months old and his name is Nicholas. I look at him every day and think, “I’ll be your first teacher”, pressure’s on ;). All Moms are their child’s first teacher and I’m often asked by friends what they can do to help their child in the areas of literacy and numeracy (I was also an Early Literacy Teacher/consultant for two years prior to being an Instructional Coach). So, with that said, I’m going to use this platform, while on maternity leave, to share my ideas and little tidbits for helping your child. I’m going to be “combining the hats” of being a Mom and a teacher.

Happy Reading!

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